Supporting Those Affected by the California Wildfires

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As wildfires continue to spread through thousands of acres in California, our local teams are working hard to support impacted patients and employees. All patients in the impacted areas are being contacted directly as part of our disaster response protocol to ensure continuity of care.

We are working to keep all of our clinics operational while we closely monitor the fires in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas. If you are a dialysis patient in the impacted areas in California please contact our Disaster Response Team at 1-800-626-1297 for scheduling assistance and the latest information on clinics.

Some patients and employees have been evacuated from their homes and we are putting supports in place such as temporary housing. We have also installed air filters in area clinics due to the poor air quality from the fires.

As we do with any disaster, we will go above and beyond for our patients and employees, doing whatever it takes to keep them safe. Thank you to everyone who is helping our patients and employees, and to local first responders. Please join us in keeping everyone in the impacted regions in your thoughts.

Please reference the following emergency resources for patients: